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January 07, 2010

Issue #001  
January 5, 2010

From Giovanna Westwood – Bass Player and Vocalist

Welcome to my very first issue of News, and Happy New Year! I’m Giovanna Westwood, creator of I’m writing this newsletter to give you the latest news and information about ladies who have placed listings and are highlighted within the " Female Musicians’ Directory ” and are truly out there doing their thing! Plus, I’d love for you to understand the “vision” of, so I’m excited to tell you below why I'm doing this and what it's all about!

In this issue you’ll find:

Contents -

What's All About?

Ava Lemert, Alto-Sax Player, Releases a New CD

Rochelle Coatney, Drummer with “Hollyboots”’s New Classified Ad Section

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What's All About?

I’ve created this website to be a place to highlight women who play instruments from the past and present.

If you’re a woman who plays an instrument or are a vocalist, I’ll create a FREE listing for you that includes a few contact links and some words you’d like to include about yourself. See the " Female Musicians' Directory ” page for more details. Plus, I’ll include a video to highlight you or your band if you've uploaded one onto YouTube. I’ll include the video within my YouTube Channel inside the section “Featured Female Instrumentalists”.

Why am I doing this? Well, I am a female bass player and a vocalist. I'm very passionate about building and am receiving great joy and satisfaction from seeing it through to its success.

Eventhough I'm working on building, I'm still very much a musician! I'm not just sitting on the sidelines watching! I'm creating this newsletter and website. MY time will come, but right now, it's time for all my other sisters in music!

Ava Lemert, Alto-Sax Player, Releases a New CD! welcomes female alto-saxophone player, Ava Lemert, to the Female Musicians’ Directory ! I met her through Twitter, and she was happy to support my efforts in my website and really seemed to see my vision very early on in my website's development. I truly appreciate you, Ava!

See one of her live performances highlighted right on the site, and support her new album “ From My Soul
” available right now over at . Ava Lemert's a sister out there who’s truly doing her thing! Good for you, Girl!

Rochelle Coatney, Drummer With "Hollyboots"

Rochelle Coatney is the female drummer for “Hollyboots”. Check out some of their upcoming performances if you happen to be in the Southern California area. See the band "Hollyboots" perform live within the " Female Musicians' Directory " right now! Here are some of Rochelle's upcoming performances:

January 16 (Saturday) - Sabbath in Black @ the Black Watch Pub in Claremont, CA
(Black Sabbath Tribute Band) (Drums)

January 31st (Sunday) - Suezenne Chamber Jazz Quartet @ the Pasadena Music Conservatory
(Avant Guarde Jazz) (Percussion)

February 6th (Saturday) - Los Puros @ The Friends of The LA River Awards Ceremony
(Cuban music) (Timbales)

More on Rochelle and The Hollyboots Band -

"Hollyboots" is in rehearsals preparing for their first CD Release. The band is looking to release their self-titled CD sometime in February. Exact Date TBD.

In January 2008 "The Hollyboots Band" was formed. Rochelle Coatney (Drummer/Percussionist) joined the band later that year in September and immediately went into the studio to record drums and percussion for this project. "Rocky", as she is affectionately known, ties the band together with her brilliant dynamics, fills, and grooves on drums. This project has been five years in the making, and everyone is excited to get the show in the road. You can check out the band on Facebook or Myspace at's New Classified Ad Section

I've just added a free classified ad section in the website! If you're a female musician, you can post what's going on with you. If you're looking for a female musician, you can post your ad. Currently, the listings expire in 30 days. The information you can put in there is pretty liberal such as URL's and images, but I definitely ask you to keep your content clean or be subject to deletion of the post. Sorry to have to get so serious, but's family-friendly.

I'm currently only opening the up the types of listings to "Female Musicians Wanted" and "Female Musicians Available", so please be sure to keep your posts within these subjects for now. However, as time goes by, if you guys like the classifieds and use them, I'll open it up to more categories such as "instruments for sale", "instruments wanted", etc.

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I'd love it if you would pass the word about my site to any female musician out there you know who's like to be highlighted in THE place that makes! Don't worry. I'm not gonna be sharing or selling your information to anybody else or using it for other than its intended purposes. I'd get in trouble if I did that! And I'm definitely in it for the long-haul, y'all! :-)



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