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March 29, 2015

Issue #008  
March 29, 2015

From Giovanna Westwood – Bass Player and Vocalist

Welcome to Issue #008 of the Newsletter.  I truly am happy to say that is still alive and kickin', and I'm still here and still passionate about building the best resource available showcasing all the fantastic female musicians out there!  

The Female Musicians Directory of listings is still growing along with the services and resources that help all musicians and entertainers.  

Thanks to all the new subscribers to News!  If you're not already a subscriber, you can get yourself all set up to receive upcoming issues right HERE.

Table of Contents -

What's All About? 

Marina Yakhlakova, Keyboard Player

Joan Cartwright, Keyboardist and Composer

Andrea Brachfeld, Flutist

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What's All About? is a place for women who play instruments from the past and present to be highlighted.

If you’re a woman who plays an instrument or are a vocalist, I’ll create a FREE listing for you that includes a few contact links and some descriptive words you’d like to include about yourself.  You can have a classified ad style listing or a full-page listing.  They're both free.  See the “Female Musicians’ Directory” page for more details.  Plus, I’ll include a video to highlight you or your band if you've uploaded one onto YouTube.  I’ll include the video within my YouTube Channel inside the section “Featured Female Instrumentalists”.

Why do I do this?  Well, I am a female bass player and a vocalist.  I'm very passionate about building and am having a great time seeing it through to its success!  

I don't consider myself a promoter or an agent.  I do consider myself a connector, and to be a way to help connect-the-dots by presenting valuable resources within the website. I've learned so much as I've been building it, and I want the services and information I can provide to increase the site's value for all its visitors.

Marina Yakhlakova, Keyboardist welcomes all the way from Moscow, Russia keyboardist Marina Yakhlakova to the Female Musicians’ Directory!

Marina Yakhlakova is 1st Prizewinner of the Franz Liszt International Piano Competition.

Go to the Female Musicians’ Directory to connect with Marina Yakhakova through her listing!   You can also visit Marina's site below.  Many thanks to you, Marina!

Joan Cartwright, Keyboardist and Composer is happy to welcomes keyboardist and composer Joan Cartwright from East Point, Georgia to the Female Musicians’ Directory!  

Besides composing and publishing 41 songs with ASCAP, Joan founded Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

Find Joan Cartwright's music at

You will find Joan's listing and some of her performances in the "Female Musicians' Directory".  You can also visit Joan's site here:

Thank you, and welcome, Joan!  I'm very happy to include your listing in the directory!

Andrea Brachfeld, Flutist

Female- welcomes flutist Andrea Brachfeld from Jersey City, New Jersey to the Female Musicians’ Directory!  

Andrea Brachfeld is an award-winning jazz and Latin Jazz flutist who has released 6 CDs.  Her new CD will debut in October, 2015.

Find Andrea Brachfeld's music at
Go to the Female Musicians’ Directory to connect with Andrea Brachfeld through her listing!  You can also visit Andrea's website below at:

Thank you so much for becoming a part of, Andrea!

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I have worked since 2009 to grow and improve and at the same time have dedicated myself to keeping it free for all the female musicians to have listings, both classified type and full-page.  I have also done all the promotions, site details, blog posts and literally everything myself to create an online presence to help every musician listed within it receive more exposure.

Because there are so many responsibilities involved with creating the type of vision I see for the website, I realize that it may be impossible for me to do it all myself successfully.  The fact that my last newsletter update was in 2011 is probably proof of that! :-)

I have set up a page inside the site that anybody who appreciates and sees the value in the site and the work that goes into it as well as those who just love to see a woman rockin' it out big time on her axe can show their support.

However, my way of asking for support is unique because I attempt to find ways that either give money back to supporters when they complete a certain action, or cost nothing to do and which will still help bring revenue to the site to help me keep it going and build it up.

Please, take some time to look at the page I've created for this purpose, and do what you can.  I have a very cool way for you to get $20 when you support the site, so you can't lose!  Thanks in advance.

Write Your Own Post In The Female-Musician's Blog

Check out the Female-Musician's Blog at  

In it, you'll find more detail about the female musicians that are listed within the website as well as many of the resources you can find inside of  Plus, you can feel free to leave your comments about any of the posts you find there.  

If you want to feature yourself or your band, whether you're male or female, and you don't mind writing your own blog post, I'll review it and add your post to the blog.  You can contact me on's Facebook page with the post itself, the pictures you want to add, and any contact information you want to include.  You can also email me directly at the site at  The Facebook page is below:'s Classified Ad Section

Be sure to take a look at the free classified ad section within the website!  If you're a female musician, you can post what's going on with you under "Female Musicians Available".  If you're looking for a female musician, you can post your ad under "Female Musicians Wanted". Currently, the listings expire in 30 days.  The information you can put in there is pretty liberal such as URL's and images, but I definitely ask you to keep your content clean or be subject to deletion of the post.  

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Thanks for reading!

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