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Giovanna Westwood

GiovannaThis site is not about me, but this page has been created to let you know just a little bit more about who I am and what has motivated me in my career as a musician and to create the site.  In my research to create Female-Musician.com, I have come to know that there have been and are now some phenomenally talented female musicians.  

There are women who are strong players with outstanding command over their instruments. However, many of them have gone unnoticed for their gifts and accomplishments.  

In my life, as I was growing up watching my Uncle play bass and sing with his band and other musicians I grew up around, they all happened to be male.  Since I gravitated toward playing bass first, then singing, I gravitated towards the male musicians I'd see coming around the house when they would practice.  

I always wanted to play in bands, and I knew I could be as strong as they can be on their instruments and be respected as an equal.  I have to admit that I do love to perform with men!  So, my very first band, which was an all-girl band, turned out to be my last full-time all-girl band!  That’s just me.  That’s the road I decided to take...and maybe that's a part of the misconception that I personally had in my early years about the quality of female musicians that I've helped to dispel through creating Female-Musician.com.

In some ways, it’s been to my advantage to be a female bass player and vocalist because of the way we, as females, can be perceived on our instruments – as not being as strong as our male counterparts, so when we are strong or stronger on our instruments and have a great work ethic, we are very unique.

All-in-all, one thing I can say about me is that my journey has been an interesting one and a constant adventure.  I’ve performed blues in Pioneer Square in Seattle, I’ve played top-40 music over in Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong.  I’ve played hip-hop and rap over in Sweden and Britain.  I’ve traveled on a big ole Greyhound Bus going from gig to gig from Southern California to Saskatoon in Canada and every place in between!  I’ve even played blues with Lou Rawls one night in Tacoma!  Right now, I'm in a band called JUSTUS, still doin' it!

There have been many things that I’ve learned over time, and some things I wish I’d learned sooner, so I decided I would create Female-Musician.com as a musician’s resource with special attention focused on the female musician because that just happens to be what I am!

I felt like I’d like to encourage other female bass players, keyboardists, sax and woodwind instrument players, guitar players, drummers and all other female instrumentalists to come here to connect with other female musicians.  We may not have all achieved that thing people sometimes call “fame” (fame and success, I feel, are relative and subjective), but we’re still out here doing what we love, making hard choices and sacrifices to follow our passion.  Possibly some of us who have already been there can help others get there through sharing our experiences.



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