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The internet has been a huge tool helping musicians find music distribution resources with the click of a mouse. Because of this, the playing field truly has been leveled in many arenas!

We now have the ability to create great quality music with our home studios, complete a finished product, and upload that music right onto the internet to be distributed through companies which provide this service. These companies even provide tips and information on how to promote and market yourself and your music.

Ioda Alliance

IODA is the industry-leading digital distribution company for the global independent music community.

Here is a direct link to their “About” page:

Ioda's About Page

The Orchard Distribution Company

The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD) licenses and globally distributes more than 1.3 million songs and over 5,000 video titles through hundreds of digital stores (e.g. iTunes, eMusic, Google, Netflix, V CAST) and mobile carriers (e.g. Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Bell Canada, 3).

With operations in 29 regions around the world, The Orchard drives sales for its label, retailer, brand, and agency clients through innovative marketing and promotional campaigns; brand entertainment programs; and film, advertising, gaming and television licensing.

Through its recently acquired TVT Distribution division, The Orchard also offers physical distribution solutions of music in CD and vinyl format for select record label partners. A pioneer in digital music and media services, The Orchard fosters creativity and independence.

The Orchard delivers to the leading online and mobile digital retailers throughout the world – over 400 and counting – with their fast, secure and efficient ingestion and delivery system, which is entirely managed in-house, under their strict control.

Here is a direct link to their “Distribution Services” page:

The Orchard's Distribution Services Page

CD Baby Music Distribution Company

CDBaby is a trusted resource for music distribution for the independent artist who is looking to inexpensively find distribution for your music both physically and digitally. In business, and thriving since March 1998 they are one of the largest sellers of independent music on the web.

They will seamlessly also distribute your music physically when you decide to provide product to them.

They also have fantastic information there on exactly how to correctly go about including someone else’s music on your cd with you as the artist covering it, plus a wealth of other valuable information.

Songcast Music

SongCast is one of the World's largest distributors of independent music. Their relationships with iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Emusic and Napster enables them to put your music in front of millions of music purchasing consumers. With SongCast, you can start selling your own music on these major retail sites. They also provide you with customized code to link your MySpace and other websites directly to iTunes. Your fans will easily be able to find and purchase your music online.

Sell Your Own Music On iTunes!


TuneCore is all about getting your music heard and available to buy. They want you to earn money from your music and make a living doing what you love. They believe that all artists and bands should have equal access to the channels of music distribution, the physical and virtual stores alike.

Why should you have to give up money from each and every sale of your music? Why should you have to enter into exclusive deals and sign strangling contracts? Why should you have to give up your rights and the ownership of your own music to some other company just to gain access to music stores? TuneCore changes all that.

TuneCore believes that all artists should have affordable access to all channels of music distribution, get all of the money generated from the sale of their music, and all without giving up any of their master recording ownership, copyrights, merchandise rights, live performance income, public performance royalties or any other rights or money.

Sign Up for a Free TuneCore Account and Pay Only $9.99 for Music Distribution


Mike King, a veteran music marketing manager and managing editor of http://www.artistshousemusic.org, discusses how to run a strategic and integrated marketing campaign that takes advantage of every bit of exposure you get in order to build your audience, your retail presence, and your radio and press profile as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Getting Distribution For Your Album As An Independent Artist

Getting Your Record In Stores As An Independent Artist

Running An Integrated Marketing Campaign

Finding And Working With A Publicist

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Visit Audiolife.com to learn more about their portable storefront

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