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Barbara Dennerlein: Internationally celebrated Hammond organ virtuoso.

Barbara Dennerlein belongs to the small circle of German artists of international repute.  On her recordings and in her concerts, she stands out as a member of a new generation of jazz musicians, and is regarded as one of the leading representatives of the legendary Hammond B3.

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It is an awe-inspiring experience to watch Barbara live on stage.  As the most important and most successful German jazz export, she is familiar with large international festival stages and intimate clubs alike.

Swing, bebop, blues, soul, latin and funk - for Barbara there are no rigid boundaries, only fluid transitions.  Audiences are captivated by her talent, her absolute mastery of the instrument, her taste, and not least, her warm personality.  She understands how to exploit her instrument to the full, creating a sound and a musical style that is unmistakably "Barbara Dennerlein".

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Born in Munich in 1964, she fell in love with one sound at an early age.  She was eleven when the first home organ became part of the Dennerlein household.  Following first performances as a thirteen-year-old, she began to play in clubs at the age of fifteen.  In the early eighties she was already celebrated as the "organ tornado from Munich".  Later on, "Harper's Bazar" wondered: "How did this Fraulein get so funky?" and the Los Angeles Times headlined with: "German Organist Pumps You Up".  For years, Barbara has topped critics’ polls in American jazz magazines and can call a worldwide community of devoted jazz friends her own.

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In 1994, Barbara began an intensive period of activity with the "queen of instruments", the mighty pipe organ. Thanks to her complete mastery of the pedals, Barbara managed to fully exploit the immense musical potential of the instrument.  The listener is carried off to new worlds of sound, a mixture of jazz in the widest sense and classical elements.

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Barbara has set out in yet another new direction, releasing her CD "Change of Pace" (2007) on her own label Bebab Records.  For this recording of exclusively her compositions she collaborated with a full symphony orchestra, proving once again that Barbara Dennnerlein is in a class of her own; she is without question the First Lady of the Hammond organ.

Barbara Dennerlein's official website:

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