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Caithlin De Marrais

Caithlin De Marrais is a torch singer for a novel kind of heartache.  She channels Emily Dickinson, telling truth at a slant.  It’s no surprise, De Marrais has twelve full length and EP length recordings under her belt as lead singer and bassist with indie rock band Rainer Maria (’95-’06).

The first song she ever wrote as a solo artist was recorded by Rainer Maria and became an NPR “Song of the Day”.  The song was “Terrified”.

Caithlin De Marrais

Leaving Rainer Maria was just the beginning of a sea change for De Marrais.  Over the next three years she got married to photographer, Spencer Heyfron, had a son, started an artist run record label with three other musicians and released a solo record.  “My Magic City”, was recorded in the style of Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” in a Brooklyn church and a cottage in upstate New York.  Her former RM band mate, Kyle Fischer, produced.

De Marrais kept MMC close to her heart, (touring a mere 10 days to support it), leading one reviewer to call it, “The best record of the year that no one has heard of.” Best of 2008 —Heartache with Hard Work

In 2009 De Marrais released a split live record with fellow End Up Records label mate, Seb Leon.

De Marrais spent the better part of 2010 recording a full album of demos in her basement until she raised enough funds in a Kickstarter campaign to walk into the studio again.  At Saltlands studio in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn she collaborated with longtime friend and Rocketship Park front man, Josh Kaufman, and The Poison Tree’s, Steve Salett. Using the sonic map De Marrais had made with her home spun demos, they recorded a record which sounds unlike anything De Marrais has previously released. “We made things hard that could have been easy.  And things easy that could have been hard.  Just to suit our insatiable curiosity.” De Marrais notes.

The new album, “Red Coats”, is tentatively scheduled for release end of summer 2011.

(Exerpt from Caithlin's Facebook Page)

Album credits:

* Rainer Maria (EP) (1996)
* Past Worn Searching (1997) (Polyvinyl)
* Look Now Look Again (1999) (Polyvinyl)
* Atlantic (EP) (1999) (Polyvinyl)
* A Better Version of Me (2001) (Polyvinyl)
* Ears Ring (EP) (2002) (Polyvinyl)
* Long Knives Drawn (2003) (Polyvinyl)
* Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows) (2004) CD/DVD (Polyvinyl)
* Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (2006) (Grunion Records)
* The Cottage (EP) (2008) (End Up Records/Contraede)
* My Magic City (2008) (End Up Records)
* Seb & Cait Live at Joe's (2010) (End Up Records)

Other releases:
* Demo tape (1995)
* New York, 1955 b/w Up Until This Time 7" (Polyvinyl, 1997)
* Hell or High Water b/w Paper Sack 7" (Polyvinyl, 2000)
* Life of Leisure (LP version/acoustic version) CD single (Grunion, 2006)
* VA - Ooh Do I Love You (Core for Care Records, 1996).  Track: "I Love You, Too"
* VA - Direction (Polyvinyl, 1996). Track: "Sooyoung"
* VA - Post Marked Stamps (Tree Records, 1999).  Track: "Pincushion"
* VA - ReDirection (Polyvinyl, 2001). Tracks: Breakfast of Champions, Artificial Light
* VA - This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation (Arena Rock Recording Co., 2001).  Track: Artificial Light
* Abraham, cover of Sufjan Stevens w/ Denison Witmer, Devin Greenwood, Seven Swans Reimagined (On Joyful Wings, 2011)

(Exerpt from Wikipedia)

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